AB-Test Library for Android

Customer’s Choice is a AB-Test library for Android. Unlike the Amazon’s offer, you can use it in every productive application, configure it freely and it’s easily extensible. It is provided as an Open Source library that can be used within any Android project. The talk will be an introduction into the library and will present a Demo for showing the practical usage of Customer’s Choice. This session aims at people with knowledge of coding for Android.


Speaker: Hasan Hosgel is a dedicated Android developer with over ten years of professional programming experience, of which two and a half years have been in the application development. The continuous improvement of the architecture and quality are his dedication. He was a speaker at the Google Developer Group (GDG), for theGDG Berlin, former Google Technical User Group, and GDG Android in Berlin, where he is a member. Since 2006 Hasan is working for ImmobilienScout24 as a Senior Developer.