Beyond Mobile: Super Natural Interaction made easy thanks to APIs

A cow that sends texts, a garbage truck that exchanges messages and a project management tool that makes telephone calls: Allmost everything could become connected and interactive and hence apps are available not only for traditional PCs and Smartphones anymore. We have to deal with more and more devices, capabilities, screen sizes, and so on. It requires that designers and developers have to explore new ways of thinking and have to discover new approaches. Fortunately the acquired knowledge is not lost: Adapt it and build around new, technology independent concepts in an agile and prototypic way. The Speaker presents a wide range of innovative visions relating to machine-to-machine communication (abbreviated to M2M) and he provides numerous code snippets in the most varied of programming languages such as PHP, C# and JavaScript and for various platforms to make DiY (do it yourself) easier.

Speaker: Sascha Wolter, Developer Garden (Deutsche Telekom)

Sascha Wolter ( is a professional developer and craftsman for Pervasive Computing, Rich Applications and Mobile Apps in all flavors. He also works as a consultant, trainer, software-architect and author and contributes articles to a number of magazines. His books and video-trainings are bestselling publications in Germany. He has been giving lectures at conferences like ”Adobe MAX”, “Flash on the Beach” and “Microsoft xtopia” for several few years now. Sascha is also the founder of the leading German Adobe User Group with more than 100,000 members and cofounder of the internationally renowned conference beyond tellerrand. If he is not tinkering with new soft- and hardware as Developer Evangelist for the Developer Garden (Deutsche Telekom’s Developer Portal), he likes playing Lego with his kids in his spare time.