CeBIT life facilitates close dialogue between developers and customers

  • Exhibition, conference and interactive formats
  • Call for papers at “moosecon” – conference on mobile operating systems


Hannover, Germany . The growing proliferation of web and mobile apps presents software and app developers with ever greater challenges. On the one hand, they are faced by a rapidly expanding market; on the other hand, there is a shortage of qualified personnel for the building of cross-platform, specialist software, apps and gaming solutions for their customers. The “CeBIT life” section of the world’s leading trade fair for digital business is dedicated entirely to this topic and will provide rich opportunities for dialogue between developers and their clientele in companies, organizations and agencies. The focus will be on digital lifestyle solutions as well as the related business and marketing models.
Besides a rich array of displays by exhibitors, CeBIT life will also feature three special formats: “moosecon” –a conference specifically aimed at mobile developers –plus interactive events such as an open innovation platform and a live competition for developers. These will provide developers with an opportunity to show off their expertise and creativity and get in touch with potential customers.
New to the event lineup is the Mobile Operating Systems Conference, known as “moosecon” for short. From 6 to 8 March 2013, it will be a hot spot for developers of apps and frameworks for Android, iPhone, BlackBerry and Windows Phone, as well as for less widely used systems. Apart from showcasing technical expertise, the three-day conference will highlight trends and future opportunities on the market for mobile platforms and applications. In other words, the conference is certain to be a major draw not only for developers, but also for the entire mobile scene.
The call for papers runs until 25 January 2013. Developers, software development firms and those who research, manufacture or use mobile systems are invited to submit their talks at