Create backends in minutes with backend-as-a-Service

When developing apps there are often use cases that needs storing some data on a server, e.g. usernames, POI's, PushToken,... The development of backends includes a lot of challenges like using the right language, defining the right architecture that scales, choosing a hoster, a database and so on. The presentation will introduce the backend-as-a-service approach, were scaling backends can be configured in minutes. An example with will be given.

Speaker: Lutz Kohl and Philipp Michel, Apiomat

Lutz Kohl has studied computer science in Ilmenau and Jena. He holds a Ph. D in Computer science Education. In his studies he developed and evaluated the visual programming language for schools called Puck. From 2009-2013 he worked as Developer and Project Manager in the app business at match2blue







Philipp Michel finished his studies of computer science in Schmalkalden with a thesis about a semantic matching engine.

From 2009-2013 he worked as Developer at match2blue GmbH, where he was involved in the development of many Apps. Philipp has experiences in a lot of programming languages in backends and frontends. In the last 2 years he mainly worked on developing android apps. Furthermore he is co-founder and developer at apiOmat, a Backend-as-a-Service Startup in Germany.