Developing and deploying successful in-house enterprise apps

In this talk, we will present key factors for successful developing and deploying in-house enterprise apps. Based on our extended experience building enterprise apps with the AppConKit, we will cover three focus areas for those. We discuss the right choices for online, mixed or offline apps. Based on this starting point, we discuss impacts of the enterprise security guidelines on integrating apps tightly into their respective environment. In the last section of the talk, we discuss sensible ways to distribute apps, as well as key strategies in keeping them up to date. Throughout the whole presentation, we keep to two case studies to clarify our points.


Speaker: Patrick Blitz, Weptun

As head of Business-Development, Patrick Blitz leads the project team and provides significant input into the development of mobile products. Together with 4 alumni of Munich university's, he founded the Weptun GmbH in 2010. During his studies at Technical University of Munich, Carnegie Mellon University and Korean Adv. Institute of Technology he got his first experiences with mobile IT and SAP projects. As product lead, he focuses on the AppConKit, a platform for development and operations of native business apps.