Developing C/C++ native apps using the QNX based BlackBerry 10 OS

This session is intended to introduce you the BlackBerry Native SDK and it’s capabilities by showing two different ways of developing a native app. The first way is showing the pure C/C++ approach and is especially convenient for Games and Libs developers. The second way is the more comfortable using the Qt based Blackberry Cascades UI framework.


Speakers: Kamel Lajili and Aaron Ardiri, Blackberry

Kamel Lajili is a Senior BlackBerry Application Development Consultant. In 2008 Kamel joined the RIM Software Test Automation Team as a Senior Automation Developer, where he developed script based test methods to remotely control the BlackBerry Smart Phones under test and analyze the quality of the software loaded on them. In his current role, Kamel works since 2011 with third party developers to create and to port applications across the different BlackBerry platforms, including BlackBerry 7, BlackBerry PlayBook and BB10. Kamel’s cultural background and language skills facilitate his work with developers based in Germany, France, North Africa and several countries in the Middle East. Prior to joining RIM, Kamel held various positions in the area of embedded mobile software development with another Smartphone vendor for more than 10 years. Kamel holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from the Aachen University of Technology in Germany.


Aaron Ardiri is a Senior Technical Evangelist for BlackBerry. In 2011 Aaron joined BlackBerry via the acquisition of ubitexx GmbH, where he was a Technical Director in enterprise architecture working with Universal Device Service, a mobile device management solution for iOS and android phones, an integral piece of the Mobile Fusion suite. In his current role, Aaron works with third party developers to create and to port applications across the different BlackBerry platforms, including the BlackBerry PlayBook and BB10. Prior to joining BlackBerry, Aaron held various management positions in the area of cross-platform embedded mobile software development for more than 10 years in parallel writing games as a hobby which connected him to many development communities and experience with almost every mobile platform in existence. Aaron's work experience, passion for native C/C++ development and end-to-end mobile solution development help facilitate his work with developers as 'one of them' since he has experienced firsthand the challenges developers have for mobile application development particularly working with multiple platforms. Aaron holds a Bachelor of Science (Computing Science) degree from Curtin University of Technology in Perth, Western Australia.