Google Integration in Android Apps

Android is an open source mobile operating system with a large ecosystem around it. Everyone can take it and create a new device. However, the success depends largely on Google's involvement in the ecosystem. Last year, Google leveraged their services to make it easier for developers to take benefit of their offerings. In this talk, the Google Play Services are introduced and code examples are shown. Covered services include the integration of Google Drive, Task API, Google Backup Service, Cloud Messaging and the very recent integration of Google Plus Sign-in.

Speakers: Friedger Müffke and Ronan Schwarz, Novoda
Friedger Müffke has been an Android developer and enthusiast since the first announcement in 2007. He created several successfull open source applications and promotes the used of intents as co-founder of He is co-founder and -organizer of the biggest Android conference droidcon and now works at the Berlin office of Novoda.



Ronan Schwarz has over 15 years of programing experience, in a wide variety of fields like augmented reality, web, robotics and business systems as well as different programing languages including C, Java and Assembler. He has been working on the Android Platform since 2007, and amongst other projects, has helped creating Splashplay and Droidspray, both top finalists of the Google Android Developer Challenge I and II. He is currently working with Novoda as a Consultant in Berlin, Germany.