High-quality apps: quality assurance through automated testing

The mobile world becomes more complex every day. Even iOS Developers have to face the problems of device fragmentation. It is nearly impossible for Developers, to test their app on a adequate number of devices, to ensure the quality of their apps.
During my talk I want to show, how iOS- and Android-Developers can save a huge amount of time through automated testing, continuous integration and continuous delivery while improving the quality of their Apps.
By using a continuous integration (CI) Server and automated UI-Tests all features of the app are tested on every build on many different devices. Continuous Delivery keeps unnecessary work away from developers, because AdHoc-Releases for Product Owners or customers are build and published automatically by the CI-Server
Speaker: Leif Janzik has been developing for mobile since 2005, starting with SMS/MMS Services. Later when the mobile internet became more popular he turned to developing websites and portals for the Mobile Web and starting with hybrid Apps for iOS and Android with JavaScript and HTML5. When turning to developing native Apps for iOS & Android he missed the support from tools like Jenkins he knew from writing Enterprise-Applications and started trying to setup a working Continuous Integration chain with Jenkins. He wrote multiple Jenkins plugins for mobile development.