How Paypal uses Open Identity

Using PayPal Access people are enabled to login at different eCommerce sites using their existing PayPal credentials. The big value for user's is a quick and comfortable registration and login process. Especially for mobile use-cases this is a benefit since entering data on the go is a very huge pain and often stops users from actually finalizing their purchase. For merchants the benefit lies in an improved conversion rate and a verified data like the user's real shipping address. Using non-proprietary standards like OpenID Connect and OAuth 2.0 developers benefit from an easy integration in mobile & web-apps. After attending the session the audience shall be left with the impression that using a validated identity must not be complicated and can actually be archieved with just a few lines of code.


Tim Messerschmidt is a long-time mobile- & web-developer. In his current position as a Developer Evangelist working at PayPal he’s coordinating their developer activities in EMEA. Tim is passionate about working with startups, developers & geeks in general and is always looking forward to a good hackathon. Prior to his job at PayPal Tim worked as a Technical Project Manager & Software Engineer at the mobile agency Neofonie Mobile GmbH in Berlin. Having studied Business Informatics at the University of Paderborn in Germany, he is passionate about topics like eCommerce – this empowered him in activities like consulting Samsung Deutschland GmbH as Developer Advocate and running his own business.