Lessons learnt from Prime Guide (Android App)


Almost two years after the first lines of code were committed, greenrobot’s latest app “Prime Guide” was released. The app runs brings the TV program to Android Smartphones, Tablets, and Google TV. With a quickly growing installation count, great reviews and very high ratings in Google Play, Prime Guide successfully challenges big players of established brands. We want to present technical and non-technical aspects of app development:

  • The technical app anatomy
  • Android and server libraries we used (and wrote) for Prime Guide
  • Google App Engine as a backend: good and bad sides
  • Strategies on how to compete with “the big players”
  • The marketing campaigns we ran and their outcome
  • Successful customer support and presence in social networks

Stats and numbers Also, we would like try to answer critical questions based on our experience: 

  • Why did the development take so long?
  • Which mistakes were made and how can you learn from them?

Join us for this complete round up of app development.


Speaker: Markus Junginger has long standing experience as a Java und Mobile developer und has been knowing Android since 2007. His company Greenrobot specialises in Android technology and develops Android apps for smartphones, tablets and Google TV. He regularly gives conference talks about Android and writes for several magazine. On top of that he works as a maintainer of several Open Source libraries for Android  and founded the Google Developer Group Android Munich.