Push Notification (General Talk)

Mobile is everywhere. Full stop. A (very) few years from now desktop and laptop computers will only be "special interest" while mobile devices master our communication, entertainment and computing needs both in private and business life. There are several great technologies which drive this revolution, one of which is push notification
We, at Little Postman, believe that push notification is the single most powerful mobile infrastructure play. But push notification is still in its infancy, both from a conceptual and a technological standpoint. However, there are readymade solutions that help lifting the power push notification no doubt already has today. Push notification is about engagement and relationships, it's about behavior, preferences and segmentation, it's about contextual communication and anticipative messaging and it's about targeting, analysis and refinement. In the same way that push notification is a solution for true mass customization in marketing it is also the key to alerts in complex and critical business solutions.
This talk will help you to understand the proper flow of a push notification project and the full feature set of a premium push notification solution. We will also speak about the technical infrastructure that is needed in order to introduce this technology on a seamless and scalable cross platform (iOS, Android, Windows 8 /Windows Phone 8) basis. Great fun, you bet!

Christian Stumpp, born in 1980 at Lake of Constance, is Director Business Development at the Berlin based office of Little Postman GmbH, a start-up company developing a fully featured push notification solution. He holds an M.A. from the University of Passau, where he studied Law, Philosophy and History.  He gathered many years experience in e-business, working as a freelance web designer, IT consultant and in a Software Company. Even as a student he founded an online retailer for outdoor equipment. Attracted by the vibrant start-up scene he moved to Berlin in 2011.